Clancy's Tavern   - 43 Caroline St.
The Clancy's Tavern Story
 Clancy’s Tavern was established on Friday the 13th 1996 By Tom and Liz Clancy. Formally a bar called the Side St. Saloon that was opened in 1986. Before the Side St. days the building was home to several businesses including a grocery store, paint store, dress shop, storage warehouse for a couple restaurants in the city and for a time held, AA / Alcohol Anonymous meetings, (Imagine that!) The original building was a small, one floor building less than 500 sq. ft 24x20 with 7.5ft ceilings. The building was remodeled (we did close for two days the first, only and last time) in April 1997 taking time in the middle of re-construction, for the birth of their second son Griffin, raising the ceiling height and changing the entire décor (Thank you Rick Borman)
In 2003 the addition to the rear of the building and a basement were added tripling the square footage bringing the building to where it is today. 
Clancy’s Tavern is known as the “Late Night Place” in Saratoga, the bar is open until 4 am
7 days a week, 365 days a year, NO EXCEPTIONS!
Through Snow, Rains, Tornados, Floods, Ice Storms, Earthquakes and a Fire (Yes we had a fire once, 3am on March 16, 2002 the day before St. Patty’s Day, we closed at 4am cleaned up repaired the damage and opened at 8am). During the ice storm in February 2007, the power in Saratoga went out for three days, we lit candles, the place was cold but packed with people, we ran out of ice and the beer was warm but everyone had a great time,
 And of course WE NEVER CLOSED!
 Clancy’s Tavern is also known to have the “Best Juke Box in Town”. AND WE DO!
In 2009 Clancy’s swapped out the old CD box for a new Touch Tunes Internet downloadable box, you can choose from Classic Rock to Motown or oldies to Country, Rock or Hip Hop. Whatever your choice, you have 2000 selections to choose from, and if you can’t find it you can download it. So your choices unlimited.
And yes we still have the best “Juke Box in Town”
Clancy’s Tavern also has the longest “Happy hour” in the City Mon-Fri 8am-7pm
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